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Soap Favors

Each soap is 1- 1 1/2 oz. and comes with a wallet keepsake aromatherapy scratch-n-sniff card that can be used for months after your event. 

Black soaps contain biochar, which has the properties of activated charcoal (without the icky chemical processing). Choose between Cedar & Sage Shampoo & Soap; Rosemary Biochar; or Birch Tar & Pine--or mix and match.

Regular soap varieties to choose from: Bergamot Rose; Juniper Tangerine; Lilac Sandalwood; Aloe Lavender Mint; Calendula Spice; Birch Tar & Pine Shampoo & Soap; Frangipani Shampoo & Soap; Hemp Aloe Shampoo & Soap; Citrus Float; Root Beer Float--feel free to mix and match with black soaps. NOTE IN "SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS FOR SELLER" AT CHECKOUT what varieties you wish among the 25 pieces.

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