2017 Safe Soap and Moisturizer Resolution #1

This is a year of big changes for Phoenicia Soap Co. I'm ramping up production and making soap my primary vocation. I have gone from churning out soap in less than 20 square feet (including the top of my dryer) to a roomy 40 square feet of production area. You'll see that I'll have more inventory and new product listings on this site in the coming weeks. Please join my mailing list to find out about new soaps, where you can buy Phoenicia Soap in person, and to get special offers. * indicates required Email Address * First Name Last Name Also, I have joined...

New Year's Ablutions

My friend Jana Martin blurbed Phoenicia Soap's Calendula Spice Shave Soap in this month's Chronogram. It's in their Well Spent section that she dubbed "The Ablution Edition." Goshawmighty I love that word: "ablution." Husband Phil purposefully misuses it (just to bother me) as a euphemism for when he heads to the john with a book. Though, as I think about it now, perhaps he is actually brainwashing in there. Given the range of scientific journals he heads to the bathroom with, it's entirely possible he's programming himself to be a robot, or botanist, or maybe a Robot Botanist. He has seemed a...

Aromatherapy Shower Bomb to Soothe the Common Cold

I wash my hands. A lot. Sure, hand washing is a great preventive measure to avoid the common cold. My frequent hand washing, however, comes with being a soap maker. So, when Cally and friends of mine were all coming down with this cough-inducing virus, I had the hubris to think I was escaping that bug. I was tewwibly tewwbily wronk.  Son Killian's radiation treatments to the head/neck area made his sinuses always in need of clearing. This cold I have reminded me that I used to make these aromatherapy bath bombs for him. They really helped him drain and soothed...

Mall of the Dead

Macy's in the Hudson Valley Mall in Kingston, NY is one hundreds of stores closing in the next few months. This follows the closing of JC Penny's, leaving 2 of 4 anchor stores in our Mall. I'm sad for the workers who will be displaced by this closing. Kingston shoppers just aren't supporting big box and chain stores as they once were. Hudson Valley Mall has been off and on the Dead Malls list for years.  This change is consistent with my own shopping behavior. When I first moved here in 2006 I shopped (food, clothing, what-not) in Kingston at least...

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